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Early in 2014 Professor John Howson and Tim Ostley got together to try and address the increasing cost in advertising teaching vacancies – estimated to exceed £50M per year – and the lack of market information about teacher recruitment. The result was the creation of Oxford Teacher Services Ltd and specifically TeachVac which officially launched in January 2015. John's knowledge of the education vacancy market and Tim's expertise in designing education and healthcare systems has produced an unrivalled vacancy matching system which is not only FREE but simple and quick to use.

Professor John Howson, the noted academic, has conducted research into the labour market for teachers since the early 1980s and is an acknowledged expert in the field. John is a qualified teacher and teacher trainer. John spends his time using his extensive network of contacts to promote TeachVac, giving seminars and talks on the vacancy market and doing detailed analysis of the extensive collection of data accrued by TeachVac.

Tim Ostley has spent over 40 years in the computing and IT industry including working on teacher labour market systems. Tim is a qualified lecturer and 'train the trainer'. He spends his time providing day to day management of the company together with guiding the development of TeachVac and its related products.

Jindy Chivers, with a background in admin and training, is the Administration Manager and as well as looking after the data entry and support staff, handles our publications and surveys.

TeachVac supports its FREE vacancy matching service by providing unique statistical data and analysis about the education vacancy marketplace. Please use the contact details on our homepage for further details.

Oxford Teacher Services has its administration and development headquarters in Newport on the Isle of Wight and a small office in Oxford. Oxford Teacher Services Ltd is a UK owned and run company.