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Written by John Howson, our newsletters offer current job market statistics as well as the latest education news. Newsletters are now available at a yearly subscription of £10. Please note there are only 11 newsletters included as we do not publish one for August. If you would like to purchase a subscription, you will need to be a registered school, group or applicant. Please click here to register as an applicant or here to register as a school/group. Once logged in to your teacher or school/group account, click on the "Newsletters" button and follow the on screen instructions.

Want to know how many vacancies there are in your area per subject?

TeachVac now also offers a new service for trainees and teachers to find out how many vacancies there are in specific areas in named subjects. The normal price will be £10 per subject per local authority except for London boroughs where the normal price is £5 per local authority if details of vacancies in two or more authorities are requested.

Details of 30 Secondary subject areas are available covering the four years 2017-2020 and primary vacancies are available for 2019 and 2020. For the secondary sector, there will be a breakdown of the total vacancies by state schools and private schools and monthly totals will also be available. To request a report please contact enquiries@oxteachserv.com.

Subjects included are: Art, Business Studies, Classics, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Design & Technology, Economics, Engineering, English, Food Technology, Geography, Health & Social Care, History, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Media Studies, MFL, Music, Pastoral, PE, Philosophy, Psychology, RE, Science, SEN and Sociology. Details of specific subjects within Languages, the Sciences and Design & Technology are also available for a separate fee.

Search Widening

Struggling to find a job at our current mileage limit? TeachVac is now providing you with the ability to expand your search to a radius of 75 miles. The cost of this will be £5, plus VAT, for a period of 28 days. You will be able to purchase this service by either registering with us or logging into your TeachVac account and clicking on the "Change Details" button.

Do you have a career question?

TeachVac is now offering you the opportunity to ask Professor John Howson, TeachVac chairman and authority on the labour market for teachers, any career-related question at a cost of £10 plus VAT per question. You do not need to be registered to submit a question, however, those who have registered and bought a yearly newsletter subscription will be awarded one free question, per month, for the duration of their subscription. Please click here to submit your question. We aim to answer all queries within 2 working days upon receiving your payment.

Career phone consultation

If you are looking for more in-depth and personal advice, we are also offering a phone consultation with Professor John Howson. You will be able to ask Professor Howson about any career advice you may need. Click here to request a consultation. Please be aware, consultations will not go ahead until payment has been received. Introductory offer of £100 plus VAT for the first 50 consultations then rising to £200 plus VAT thereafter.

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